pyrubrum.pass_parameterized_handler(func: Callable[[BaseHandler, pyrogram.client.client.Client, Any, Optional[Dict[str, Any]]], None], handler: pyrubrum.handlers.parameterized_base_handler.ParameterizedBaseHandler) → Callable[[pyrogram.client.client.Client, Any], None]

Generate a function which, whenever it is called, subsequently calls callback, passing the handler from which this object was generated and the retrieved parameters (it creates an empty dictionary if non existent). It requires a subclass of ParameterizedBaseHandler to be provided in order to work.

  • callback (Types.Callback) – The callback function which automatically gets called by the generated function.

  • handler (ParameterizedBaseHandler) – The handler object which made use of this function in order to provide this one as a callback to a Pyrogram handler.


The function which is being added to a Pyrogram handler.

Return type



The functions the handlers make use of are not set up in the same way objects added using Pyrogram handlers are. Pyrubrum implements the following pattern:

callback(handler, client, context, parameters)