pyrubrum.pass_handler(callback: Callable[[BaseHandler, pyrogram.client.client.Client, Any, Optional[Dict[str, Any]]], None], handler: pyrubrum.handlers.base_handler.BaseHandler) → Callable[[pyrogram.client.client.Client, Any], None]

Generate a function which, whenever it is called, subsequently calls callback, passing the handler from which this object was generated.

  • callback (Types.Callback) – The callback function which automatically gets called by the generated function.

  • handler (BaseHandler) – The handler object which made use of this function in order to provide this one as a callback to a Pyrogram handler.


The function which is being added to a Pyrogram handler.

Return type



The functions the handlers make use of are not set up in the same way objects added using Pyrogram handlers are. Pyrubrum implements the following pattern:

callback(handler, client, context, parameters)