class pyrubrum.Keyboard(inline_keyboard: List[List[pyrubrum.keyboard.button.Button]], handler: BaseHandler, callback_query_id: str, chat_id: int)

Simple shortcut for calling BaseHandler.process_keyboard and storing the processed keyboard in the same object.

It is useful since it automatically processes the content of buttons and, at the same time, behaves like a normal InlineKeyboardMarkup instance.

  • inline_keyboard (List[List[Button]]) – The keyboard which is going to be converted.

  • handler (BaseHandler) – The handler from which the function BaseHandler.process_function is going to be called.

  • callback_query_id (str) – The unique identifier of the query, which will be used to make the call that is made by the inline buttons unique.

  • chat_id (int) – The identifier of the chat from which the query has been sent.